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Introducing LYPOSSAGE A Body Contouring Treatment

What is is?

It is a specific series of massage contouring techniques that provides natural cellulite reduction treatments for the following trouble areas of the body

  • Zone 1 Buttocks, Hips Thighs and Lower Abdomen

  • Zone 2 Upper Abdomen, Back, Arms, Chest and Decollete

  • Zone 3 Face, Neck and Head

It is a dimpled or nodularity appearance of the skin caused by fat cells pushing against the bodys connective tissue.

The deeper massage strokes & skin rolling techniques break up the fat bound to crystalized collagen in the skin that creates that dimpled, uneven appearance of cellulite.

This natural body contouring treatment also stimulates the immune system. It detoxifys the body though the lymphatc system. The Lympossage treatmentstone the muscles and lifts and firms sagging tissue.

What is Celulite?

How does Lypossage help this?

The massage is short and direct, each one builds on the one before it to break down the cellulite of which ever particular Zone you choose to work with Zone 1, 2 or 3.

18 massages comprising of 30 minute sessions each are 1 series.

After your consultation, at the start of the Lypossage series appointment #1 you will be measured according to the Zone you choose to focus on

then again at appointment #9 and the final appointment #18.

Although you will begin to see results around the 9th massage appt. the whole 18 need to be completed to acheive the full & final result.

You will also be weighed at the beginning and end. We ask that you do not change your eating habits while recieving these treatments and keep your weight within 1lb.

up or down. This is not a weight loss program although some women have lost or gained over the 6 week period.

This Lypossage treatment is about losing inches.

Why is Lypossage a "Series of Massages"?

How do I get 18 massages in 6 weeks?

Make time for yourself . One 30 minute appointment 3 times a week for 6 weeks

or One 30 minute appointment 2 times a week for 9 weeks will work also.



Consultations are free and will be available by appointment begining July 1st ~ Call to schedule an appt with Dorothy Paschall, LMT #MSG002148



The fee for Lypossage Body Contouring

18 ~ Thirty Minute Massages $1,440.00


"C/C are accepted for this particular treatment