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Integrated Therapeutic Massage

Powerful Massage Therapy Services

Let us help you relax with a professional massage at Massage & Bodywork Centers LLC. We have been offering high-quality massage therapy for the past 35 years. The Sweet Rewards Program offers massage clients a $5 discount for referrals!

Our Services Include:

Integrated Therapeutic Massage

$40 - 1/2 hour or $70 - 1 hour


Our most popular Massage!  This customized massage  tends to be more intuitive on the part of the Therapist as several to many different techniques are combined to coax the mind & body into a meditative relaxed state. It will seems that you never receive the same massage twice with Integrated Massage!

Swedish Massage

$40 - 1/2 hour or $70 - 1 hour


Text book massage on steroids! It's energizing as this massage unfolds with a faster paced movement over the body!  Not so much deep and relaxing as it is invigorating. Techniques like chopping and tapping and rocking are incorporated throughout this massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

$45 - 1/2 hour or $75 - 1 hour


Deep and direct all over pressure from the therapists elbows, forearms, thumbs and knuckles address muscle spasms, knots. This deeper muscle work can leave you feeling sore a day or so later.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage (Women only)

$100 - 1 hour 15 minutes

Available Fall/Winter


This is the massage of the Hawai'ian islands! Traditional Hawa'ian music plays in the background as long continuous gentle and flowing movements of the therapist forearms over, under and around the body easily delivers a peaceful experience. The massage session unfolds as work is being done on the several areas simultaneously. This technique immerses the client in total relaxation as it is difficult for the brain to focus on what the therapist is actually working on. Allow yourself this time of total Bliss that encourages healing on all levels.


Hot Stone  Massage

$90 - 1 hour

Available Fall/Winter

Our basalt stones are kept heated in a tempature controlled appliance for your comfort. Oil is applied to the body to allow the Hot Sones to glide effortlessly across the skin. In this massage you will experience more of the actual Hot Stones moving over the body than pressure from the therapist hands but results in a feeling of the muscles tension melting away! This is a heat treatment so you can expect your skin to be quite damp at the conclusion of your session, bring something cozy to bundle up in for the way home!

Bamboo Fusion ® Massage

$80 - 1 hour / $45 - 1/2 hour


This work is typically done using fractionated coconut oil to allow the Bamboo to glide as it is rolled & kneaded over your body. The pressure can always be adjusted to your sensitivity level but still get the deeper work accomplished, unlike using the thumbs & elbows which is has less muscle coverage in comparison. These smooth Bamboo sticks can be utilized at different temperatures to achieve desired results! The Warm Bamboo softens the muscles & tendons while deeper tissue work can be done with LESS discomfort during & after the massage. Cold Bamboo assists with inflammation of the muscles & tendons during the massage. Room temperature Bamboo can be used as a tool during a regular massage to work deeper in larger trouble areas and trigger points. Your choice and be assured you'll love Bamboo-Fusion Massage!

Zen Meditation  Massage

$70 - 1 hour Massage


This relaxation healing massage soothes your body as your mind moves easily into meditation mode! A background of entrancing Zen music plays as you absorb the life giving affirmations of Deepak Chopra. Let go and bring your thoughts back into peace and balance.

TMJ or Sinus relief   Massage

$45 – 1/2 hr. treatment


Affectively relieves discomfort from clinching or grinding the teeth as well as emotional issues related "keeping our mouths shut"  also help clear and relieves sinus pressure and headache.

Tots/Tweens/Teens Program under 18 years old

$35 - 1/2 hour


A 30 minute massage that will be just enough to address the sore or tight muscles of your family athlete as well as provide a healthy habit/outlet for anxiety and stress that all kids deal with on a seriously different level than an adult. Watch as your kid's attitude and demeanor softens returning them to a more balanced lighter feeling in their body & mind which ultimately effects their spirit!  Mom, Dad or Grandparent needs to be present in the massage room during treatments

Hand Massage

$45 - 1/2 hour


Our hands are always overlooked & taken quite for granted. This hand massage includes work in the area of the wrist and forearm as well. It's where most of the actually tension from the hands originate. Whether is relaxing pressure or deep this massage will leave your hands & arms feeling awesome!

Kinesio®Tex Taping Method

$10-$30 for each application


This therapeutic elastic tape is applied to affected areas of the muscles to reduce inflammation and release muscle spasms which relieves

pain. This method is also used to smooth out and improve the appearance of scars. Kinesio-tex tape is latex free and usually stays on 3 days per application. The area of treatment will need to be hair free for application.

Skin Brushing

$60 1hr Instruction

$40 for 1/2 hour Treatment


The 1st and most important benefit of this skin brushing technique is enhancing your Lymphatic system. This vigorous dry brushing technique encourages the Lymph towards and into the important "watersheds" to increase the Lymph circulation throughout the body. After just 2 weeks of daily skin brushing at home you'll notice how silky smooth skin your skin can be without applying moisturizing lotions, nothing feels better!

Fibromyalgia Massage

$70 - 1 hour


Not your typical massage, the focus is tenderness for our Fibromyalgia clients. Only a open flat handed technique is used. No direct pressure to trigger pain in this very slow moving massage will assure a positive experience every time!

Massage and Reiki Combo

$70 - 1 hour


In this 1 hour session you will 1st receive a 30 minute massage focusing on the tense area of your body. Then we move right into a 30 minute Reiki session that will induce a sleepy feeling and coax you into a meditative state as the therapist channels a flow of healing energy that encompasses you as you drift away! Nothing to do but absorb the positive feeling!


Fibromyalgia-Massage Lomi-Lomi-Hawaiian-Massage NCBTMB-LOGO AMTA-logo bamboo-massage-1 Deep Tissue Trigger shutterstock_275465861-scr Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

$90 - 1 hour

Available Fall/Winter

The herbs in theses compresses are Prai, Tumeric, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, Orange Skin, Tamarind, Patcholi & Camphor.  The Herbal Compresses are steamed right in the massage room filling the room with the warm steamy exotic scents of these herbs.  Some oil is applied to the body initally to assist in the glide of the muslin wrapped compresses as they are compressed, dabbed, rolled and dragged across the skin. This treatment delivers the herbs directly into the skin through the warm open pores and into the limbic system in the brain through inhalation  at nasal passages. Don't plan to do anything much  but rest after this amazing treatment! The 2 herbal compresses are yours to take home with you and re-use.

TMJ & Sinus Massage Kinesio-tex Tape Skin Brushing Workshop arm-pain Tots~Tweens & Teens Massage Swedish Massage Swedish Massage Reflexology Collage'

Reflexology with Proven Results

$50 - 1Hour


Enjoy reflexology sessions at Massage & Bodywork Centers, LLC. In this process, pressure is applied to the thousands of nerve endings in your feet, stimulating every organ, gland, and part of your body. This instruction persuades your body to biologically correct and strengthen itself and, to ultimately achieve balance and good health.

Cheryl Calautti

Cheryl Calautti, RRP.

(Available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)

Call: 570-977-9968



Maggie Mirenda

Maggie Mirenda, RRP

(Available on Sunday)  Call: 610-802-7940

Raindrop Therapy

• Raindrop Therapy $75 1 Hour

Raindrop technique promotes healing from within by applying nine, Young Living, therapeutic-grade essential oils along the spine and spinal reflex points.

It is based on the effleurage (feathered finger-stroking) techniques of the Lakota Indians and it is used to distribute healing energy throughout the body. This powerful technique aids the body in shedding latent viruses along the spine and people have reported relief from problems such as sciatica, back pain, toxicity and improved immunity.